I am a student at Chapman University studying theatre and film. In May 2018, I will be graduating with a B.A. in Theatre Studies and a B.A. in Film Studies, and will be continuing on in my education at Chapman by pursuing a M.A. in Film Studies, graduating in the Spring of 2019. 

I have worked in a wide variety of fields within the arts and entertainment field, serving as a performer, writer, production designer, script coverage reviewer, stage manager, and director. Presently, I am an archive intern for the Mary Pickford Foundation, as well as the Collections Media and Interpretations Assistant for the Chapman University Art Collections. Within the next few months, I will be the dramaturg on the Chance Theater's production of the musical Big Fish and will have a review published in an upcoming issue of the film journal Spectator.

Overall, I am passionate about the preservation and maintenance of entertainment and art history, as well as the mapping of industry trends and changes into the modern era. My focus in film is on the history of the Hollywood blockbuster, and my senior thesis for my theatre degree examined liveness in the era of rapidly proliferating streaming technologies. 

Having studied abroad in Auckland, New Zealand in 2016, I am passionate about world travel and am eager to study film and theatre on an international scale, particularly how the voices of indigenous peoples are communicated. I am a strong advocate for arts education and equal rights for women. 


I hope to achieve a position someday where my words can make a difference, and the content I contribute helps to protect the past, document the present, and serve to better the future. 


Please feel free to take a look at my other work on this website, and to contact me with any further questions! 


Jessica Johnson