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Hi! I'm Jessica!

A Reno-based writer, dramaturg, director, performer, archivist, and comedian.

...that's a very long way of saying that I live to tell stories, and I'd love to collaborate with you!

Driven by a profound love for art, media, and pop culture, Jessica has accumulated a vast skillset by way of her insatiable curiosity. Her passion for entertainment developed early from her childhood as violinist, actress, and singer. In high school and college, she discovered her knack for directing short films and one-act plays, several of which garnered her regional awards.

Jessica graduated from Chapman University with a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies in 2019, and with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Theatre Studies and Film Studies in 2018. Her time at college fueled her passion for film archivism and historiography. It is for this reason that she wrote her Master’s thesis Stardom, Spectacle, Show, and Salability: The United Artists and the Founding of the Hollywood Blockbuster Model.


Be it preserving the past, analyzing the present state of the industry, or developing exciting future endeavors, at the end of the day, Jessica simply loves stories and their capacity to make people feel. Not only does she strive to facilitate the creation of these stories herself, but studying how these stories are disseminated, readapted, and preserved from a historiographical perspective utterly thrills her. 

She spent seven years living and working in Hollywood, learning the ropes of developing original content and adapting intellectual property for screens both large and small. She currently works as a dramaturg and director in her hometown Reno, Nevada under her banner What Happens Next Dramaturgy, providing story development feedback for new works and contextual research for classic texts. On the side, Jessica continues to run her personal blog, documenting her personal growth and observations amidst the seemingly endless array of media content that is accessible to today’s viewers. She is currently developing an online media presence, with two podcasts and a vlog in the works and set to debut in late 2021.


What's New?


Graduated from Chapman University with a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies

September 2019

Hired into a position with Ubisoft Film & Television in Culver City, California


Created and co-hosted "That One Picture of Charlie: A Conspiracy Theory Podcast."


Provided dramaturgy for Chance Theater's first entirely virtual production "EDGE," and their OTR reading series

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