Inspired by the Charlie Chaplin quote "A day without laughter is a day wasted," Infinitarisus  (Latin for ‚Äúlimitless laughter") is a personal blog that is infused with a lot of heart and a lot of humor.  Originally created when I was seventeen years old, I intended it to serve as practice for future entertainment journalism. It has since developed into a creative space with posts ranging from critical analyses of media content to personal stories about the many, many messes that accompany adulthood. Join me on my adventures! 

Blog Highlights:

In Pursuit of "The Next Right Thing"

""This song communicates that pain is real and becomes a part of you. Making the choice to do the next right thing doesn't dwarf or lessen the hurt, but will help you rise in spite of the hurt to grow to be a stronger person. And that is a vital lesson to teach this next generation of young moviegoers..."

How Thor, Forky, and a Murder Book Taught Me Valuable Lessons in Self-Love

"After a month of contemplating the emotional exhaustion brought on by Avengers: Endgame and Toy Story 4, suddenly everything I wanted to say materialized out of thin air. So I am back and I'm here to say... Thor and Forky are pinnacle examples of self-love. ...okay. Now that probably all but three of you have written me off as a complete hack and promptly exited out of this page, let me explain..." 

I Found the Original Pirates 5 Script and... Wow.

"I soon was sucked into a veritable internet rabbit hole, and therein stumbled upon a downloaded PDF of an early draft of the script of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, written by franchise regular Terry Rossio. Needless to say, I freaked out..." 

10 Things I Learned from Completing the MCU Challenge

"But upon rewatching Winter Soldier, hot damn. It's so tight. The pacing is incredible, the action is fantastic, the twists are genuinely surprising, the comic book callbacks are very well done, and overall, it's just a solid movie. So I'm sorry, Cap. I have misjudged thee..." 

I Wrote a Piece of Fan Fiction for 10 Years and Here's What Happened

"So with a hard deadline of May 26, 2017, I have finally completed Rose Hexfury's journey, and my, how far it's come. I can't believe that a decade-long project has finally come to a close. This process has been absolutely invaluable to me, and I would like to tell you why..." 

Taking a Leap, or How to Fall with Style

"Would I freeze up or chicken out when the time came? Should I eat breakfast that morning, or would that be a tragic error? And, always, the most irrational fears seem to enter one's mind at the last moment: 'I know no one has died doing this, but what if they forget to clip me in?' I could almost see my epitaph: 'She died as she lived: Stubbornly ignoring all reason.'" 

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