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What Happens Next is a dramaturgical service dedicated to the crafting and upholding of great storytelling that has the ability to transport, educate, and inspire radical empathy. 

What does a dramaturg do? 

Though originally a profession based in theatrical practices, dramaturgy has since expanded to serve an array of purposes: providing feedback and a fresh perspective on productions, performing historical and contextual research, deciphering a writer's intentions behind their work, helping a project's development from any stage of progress, and much more. WHN Dramaturgy strives to bridge a story with the experiences and sensibilities of audiences of today, therein providing an answer to the question; "Why this play now?"   

What does WHN mean?

This name comes from my first professional job as a dramaturg on Chance Theater's 2018 production of the musical Big Fish. The hopeful phrase "to what's next" repeated throughout became an overriding symbol of the show and something that spoke to me personally. "What happens next" is not only a mantra steering forward into the future opportunities with hopefulness and optimism, but also is presented as a question posed by all listeners wanting to hear more of a truly great story:

"...and then what happens next?" 

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What services does WHN offer? 

Production dramaturgy for both theater and film projects

New play development and script consultation for writers

Historical and contextual research

Script reading and critical feedback

Audience engagement programming - Interactive lobby displays, pre-show presentations, and post-show talkback Q&A's in accordance with production budget

For more information on services and rates, let's talk! Feel free to contact me at to schedule a consultation! 

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